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Dr. H. Elty

Doctor H. Elty writes several posts for us every week about what is interesting, new, forgotten or astonishing in the world of medicine and naturopathy. Enjoy!

Zeolite #3: How It Works

  We have described in the last two articles the almost incredible effects of zeolite on our health and wellbeing. Although these sound incredible: They

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How Many Hugs Do you Need?

Dr. Virginia Satir, well-known American psychotherapist and the ‘mother of family therapy’, has been trying to solve the question of how many hugs a person needs

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editorial staff

Doctor Helen Elty (she usually signs her contributions as H. Elty) is a patients’ dream come true: open-minded, patient-oriented, familiar with both orthodox medicine and naturopathy. If she didn’t exist, you would have to invent her. And to be honest: That is exactly what we did here! If you want to write to Doctor Elty: [email protected]
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