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Energy Vortex Spiral 14 mm – faucet water whirler


The less energy state of the tab water can be reversed by an energy Vortex spiral clockwise. The spiral copies the natural model of the water guide and gives the water its energy back. So it can be better absorbed and utilized by humans, animals and plants. Clockwise water tastes better and reduces limescale, which is repeatedly confirmed.

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Natures Spring Energy Vortex Spiral

The spiral is set in front of the aerator of the faucet :

The spiral is installed with the tip to the flow direction.
The correct positioning of a suction effect is achieved when water flow.

Energy Vortex Spiral advantages:

  • Tap water tastes more soft and fresh
  • The porosity of tap water will increase, nutrients and biological-information can assimilated more effective
  • The amount of water oxygen will increase
  • The amount of water carbon-dioxide will decrease (getting more agreeable)
  • Prepared meals and drinks will taste better and more natural
  • Saving water: because the water surface area will increase by using the Vortex Spiral
  • Positive influence effects on the metabolism of plants and flowers
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