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Biotraxx Cordyceps militaris mushroom tincture 50 ml


Cordyceps has been used since centuries in Chinese TCM. Our tincture is made out of the whole mushroom fruiting body. The processing takes place gently in a lengthy process that lasts over 6 weeks. It ensures that all active ingredients in the tincture pass (dual extracted). This 100% natural tincture contains bio-alcohol 39.9% Vol. It’s free of binders and release agents as well as preservatives. Contains 50ml in high-quality purple glass with pipette for easy dosing. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Biotraxx Cordyceps contains precious ingredients

Cordyceps mushrooms are a genus including more than 400 species which grow in humid, temperate and tropical rainforests and are found at high altitudes in the mountainous regions of China, Nepal and Tibet. Cordyceps has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat male and female sexual dysfunction, such as hypolibidinism and impotence. Cordyceps stimulates the supra renal glands and increasing hormonal secretions and blood flow.

Supports healthy immune function,  protects the liver, improves kidney function, eases symptoms of respiriatory illnesses and enhances libido.  It can be used as a tonic for any illness to improve energy, stamina, appetite and sleep.

Cordyceps health benefits:

  • Sexual potentiator
  • A general body adaptogen, resulting in more strength, energy, and stamina
  • Restore physical stamina and recuperative ability
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Improve lung capacity and efficiency
  • Faster recovery from bronchitis and respiratory diseases
  • Anti-tumor properties
  • Liver protection and enhanced recovery from chemotherapy

One of the most useful things that Cordyceps militaris appears to do is the simple act of oxygenation. The fungus dilates the airways in the lungs, resulting in more oxygen to the blood. Thus more oxygen reaches every cell of the body, resulting in better cell function and greater energy levels.

Dosage: min. 2x 20 drops daily ( maximum 90 drops daily), under the tongue, leave for 30 seconds before swallowing or taken in juice or water. Shake well before use.
Contents: 50 ml / contains organic alcohol 39.9 % Vol.
Origin: China

Warning: not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers. nor children. Do not use if you have mushroom allergies.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is meant to serve as an educational resource for determining your options and making your own informed choices. It is not intended as medical advice or to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any specific illness. 

Ask your pharmacist for advice and support

Note: Please keep out of the reach of children. Supplements should not be substituted for a balanced and varied diet.

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