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Biotraxx CLASSIC 1:1 Set, 1x 100ml Citric Acid 50%, 1x 100ml Sodium Chlorite NaClO2


Classic 1:1 Activator Solution with a reaction time of only 30 seconds.

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Water Conditioner CLASSIC 1:1 Set with activator

Our Water Conditioner Classic 1:1 consists of two components which are accorded to the guidelines of the drinking water regulations and compliant with the standards of the food industry. Adding components A and B drop wise, results in developing the active substance chlorine dioxide.

Both solutions are energised during the production. Due to this process a better structuring of the contained water molecules is created to add positive information for optimum availability and effectiveness as well as energetic high and low frequencies protecting against electrosmog.

One set Water Conditioner Classic 1:1 will disinfect up to 3000 litres of drinking water.

Component A: 25% Sodium Chlorite solution (100 ml)
Component B: Activator, Citric Acid 50% (100 ml)

• Simple blend in the ratio 1:1, 1 drop of each solution
• Activated after 30 seconds, colour change from colourless to ochre

Use drinking water disinfectant with care. Always read the label and production information before use.

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