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Biotraxx Artemisia Annua herbal concentrate Tincture, 50 ml


Annual Artemisia contains the ingredient artemisinin which has been used successfully in TCM for thousands of years. This 100% natural tincture contains bio-alcohol 39.8% Vol. It’s free of binders and release agents as well as preservatives. Contains 50ml in high-quality purple glass with pipette for easy dosing. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Biotraxx Artemisia Annua herbal concentrate Tincture

The annual Artemisia contains the ingredient artemisinin which has been used successfully in tradition Chinese medicine for thousands of years, for fever, malaria and infections.

Professor Dr. Thomas Efferth (Department of Pharmaceutical Biology heads pharmaceutical biology, Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany) –
Many of his studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of artemisinin against rapidly growing cancer cells.

Dosage recommendation: 30 drops, 3x daily before food. Recommended to be taken for 5 months.

In addition, the protocol calls for liquid iron and pure vitamin C powder to be taken at the same time.


  • Artemisia Annua
  • organic alcohol, 39.8% Vol

Microscopic dark field images of a patient blood count with melanoma in the head and chest area. The patient was treated with the Biotraxx tincture according to the recommended intake for 20 weeks under medical supervision.

melanoma-before  melanoma-20-weeks-after-treatment
(picture left: before treatment / picture right: after 20 weeks treatment)

Important: Shake well before each use

Note: Not to be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers, nor small children. Please keep all medication out of reach of children. Supplements should not be substituted for a balanced and varied diet. The above dosage should not be exceeded. Artemisia Annua herbal concentrate is not a medical drug.

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