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Detoxification & Recovery

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Biotraxx 6 steps detox regulation

A healthy and natural environment used to be seen as a guarantee for an optimal supply of nutrients. In our so-called “modern world” however, despite all technical progress, the most important assets, those being air, water and clean soil, have deteriorated significantly, mostly due to “globalization” and “profit optimization”. Those developments have led to a supply of inferior fruit and vegetables, despite organic quality labels, water (both bottled and tap water) being contaminated by hormones and pharmaceutical residues and air pollution, with electro smog contributing additional negative influence. Fortunately, our bodies have a perfectly functioning self-healing system; however, this is under permanent pressure from all kinds of artificially created stress. This leads to a diminished capacity to carry out normal regenerative measures and the immune system as a whole being less efficient. All that is the reason why we at Biotraxx have developed our Biotraxx 6 steps detox regulation concept for deacidification, detoxification and purification!

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