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Affiliate Program – Terms and Conditions

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Fair Medicals Wellness Products Ltd. provide promotional materials and links as well as coupons and QR Codes as part of our Affiliate Program. Affiliate Partner integrate these promotion links on his website or blog to refer users to access our web shop, as well as e-mail links. Another possibility is to distribute coupons or QR codes in the same frame via print media with the purpose that the reader refer to our web shop. The affiliate partner is responsible for any content published under his username and for any activity in his user account.

Eligible for participation are persons by min. age of 18 as well as companies. Through our online affiliate registration and the simultaneous approval of these terms and conditions, the prospective affiliate partner applies first. We check the information and decide if the applicant can join our Affiliate Program. If rejected, the data will be deleted immediately and the applicant will be informed by e-mail. In case of approval, the new Affiliate Partner will be assigned to the first Provisioning Scale “BASIC” as an Affiliate Partner and will receive commissions from successful purchase transactions of “mediated” third persons credited to his partner account.

Commission Payments
Currently, PayPal is offered as a payment method for the payment of commissions only. It is necessary that the affiliate store his valid PayPal E-mail address inside his “Dashboard” under “profile / payment settings”. Without a valid PayPal account, no payout are possible. Affiliate knows that PayPal reduct the payment amount by his transfer fee depending on the local rate. The payment of commissions will be done monthly, minimum amount credit of 5 EUR required. Condition for the disbursement are exclusively legal and fully paid sales (for example, refunded amounts by complaint or vouchers are back-loaded to the partner). In order to exclude as far as possible subsequent chargebacks, commissions are payable after 30 days of the date of purchase. The payment is made on the basis of the actually generated net turnover (without sales tax and shipping costs). Monthly payouts are done automatically with email notice to the affiliate. In addition, the affiliate partner has the opportunity to view all commissions and payout status at his “Dashboard”.

Rights of Use
Affiliate is entitled to use, product images which are displayed on our shop page for promotional purposes in our interest, including banners that are available for download in the Affiliate Partner Area, until the end of the cooperation. Excluded are headers and banners of our shop page, since most of them are purchased stock photos which we not provide to third parties because of licensing reasons. If in doubt, the Affiliate Partner has to apply for permission by e-mail.

Inadmissible measures
There is no payment for the “placement” of the Affiliate Partner’s own account in our online shop. This is especially true if it turns out that the Affiliate Partner has signed up the affiliate program to buy our products cheaper because of commission payments only. The Affiliate Partner may not carry out any advertising on our behalf. The affiliate partner is not permitted to make statements about our products that could be interpreted as functional and presentation drugs (healing claims). It is not permissible to abuse our affiliate program for illegal or unlawful purposes and not to violate the laws in force in the Affiliate’s home country (e.g., copyright). If one of these rules are violated or if Affiliate try to circumvent it, the entire affiliate credit balance will be deleted. The Affiliate would be excluded from further participation in our Affiliate Program in such case.

This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. Deletions are justified if the Affiliate Partner has acted against these Terms and Conditions or if there has been no referral sale for a longer period of at least 6 months. The Affiliate Partner can notify us at any time if he wishes to terminate the cooperation. Just send a message by e-mail. The right to extraordinary termination remains unaffected, in particular in case of violation of these conditions of participation.

Exclusive place of jurisdiction: Port Louis, Mauritius.


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