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Original Würzöl holistic complex, 50 ml – food product


Remaining stock at a special price, labeled best before date 12-2022, but tested extended shelf life until 12-2025.

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Performance of natural etheric oils in Würz Öl (since 1992)

Würz Öl is a mighty holistic complex of certain, pure natural, very powerful essential oils in combination with fatty oils. The unique and elaborate team of different oils empowers the whole complex even more (over-additional). This whole complex instigates multi-strategic very effective health activities in our body.

Mainly the product includes outstanding antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, fungicide and virucide potentials, created through holistic, overadditionally strong team-effects in Würz Öl.

Base oil : organic Argan oil, organic Rosehip oil, Almond oil, organic Evening Primrose oil, organic Olive oil, organic Sunflower oil, natural Vitamin E.
Essential oils: Thyme oil, Clove blossom oil collected from the wild, organic Bergamot oil, organic Orange oil, Melissa oil, organic Tea Tree oil.
Allergens: nuts (note for allergy sufferers).

Free of preservatives, binders and release agents.

Recommended dosage:
10 to 30 drops a day according to individual needs refreshment dissolve as long as possible in the mouth and then slowly slide down the neck.
Also for seasoning food and salads.

Quality – made in Germany.

Original Würz ® is a registered trademark of Erich Floer, ProVerde ®.

Single components of the product by themselves are very strong and special agents:
For example “thymol” Oil of Thyme (Oleum Thymi vulgaris) is part of the herb Thyme. It is an extraordinary strong natural antioxidative, antispastic, antimycotic, antiseptic agent. 25 times more effective than synthetic phenol.

Compared with synthetic alternatives, pure natural thymol showed in several studies significant higher potencies specially for human use, but no unwished side effects.

The Oil of Thyme (thymol) itself is a natural mixture of mainly two phenols: thymol and cavacrol. It also contains less quantities of borneol, linalcool, camphor, pinen, Citral, p-cymol etc. Oil of Thyme generates amazingly strong bactericide effects: 1 : 3 000 . One ml thymol is sufficient to make 3 Liters of water bacteria free. The whole (holistic) performance of “Würz Öl” containg several powerful agent groups in addition goes even far beyond that cleaning and clearing power. Thymol itself already gives strong detoxification impulses to the kidneys, the adrenal glands, the colon, the lounge, the mucous membranes etc.

The oil purifies, detoxifies and clears all parts of the body. It intensifies and accelerates the secretion through kidneys and all other mucuos membranes. It forces the adrenal glands to produce more corticoid steroids to impuls the metabolism to correctly clean the body. Moreover these aspects of thymol help the body to get rid of unwished bacteria, fungi, virus, inflammation.

In animal studies the activity of antioxidative agents in the thymol group showed signfi-cantly higher levels of superoxiddismutase and glutathionperoxidase, liberating the red blood cells from free radicals. Significantly more unsaturated fatty acids for very good cerebral functions were also found in the thymol group. The amount of noxious microorganisms was clearly reduced in the thymol group. (Forum Aromatherapie 19 2001)

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