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SAFER COMP (3 pack) – Harmonization of wifi devices


SAFER COMP protects you especially with the use of WLAN networks, because the 10-Hertz pulse frequency radios in the middle of the field of biological brain processes. Energized aluminum sticker for use on wireless routers, baby monitors, garage door radio systems, wireless speakers, laptops, Ipads and Iphone. Contents: 3 stickers for 3 units

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Energized aluminium sticker for use on wireless routers, laptops, tablets, baby monitors, garage door radio systems, wireless speakers and mobile (cell) phones.

The functional principle of the SAFER Comp can be found in its physically stored information field, which is built up around the wireless routers, laptops, tablets etc as a neutralizing transmitter. The biologically weakening technical radiation of wireless routers, laptops, tablets etc is transformed in interaction with the information field of the SAFER Comp into body compatible electromagnetic waves of a higher order. 

The International Society for Electrosmog Research (IGEF, Internationale Gesellschaft fu¨r Elektrosmog-Forschung) confirm with the results of the biophysical testing, that the Protection Sticker SAFER COMP meets the requirements for being awarded with the IGEF test seal.

Contents: 3 stickers for 3 units

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sticker "safer comp"

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