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Raumvital Golden Plated Energy Disc 45mm


Wellness Product to balance your Chakras Energy Levels. Improve water quality and taste. Neutralize EMF radiation and diminish negative energy.

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Raumvital Golden Plated Energy Disc, 45mm


Energy Polarisation – permanent provision of life energy to compensate destructive energy fields.

Energy Disc – basic properties to balance …

  • EMF radiation from smartphones and other wireless technologies such as WLAN (Wifi) and transmitters 3G, 4G and 5G.
  • drinking water and also other liquids.
  • humans, animals and plants


Multiwave Oscillator Technology

The Raumvital Vital Energy Disc is based on the Multiwave Oscillator developed by Georges Lakhovsky around 1920, in conjunction with a bipolar Teslacoil. Lakhovsky was sure that he would revolutionise the medical world with his device. The Multiwave Oscillator (patent published on 12.06.1934), however, was not recognised by the conventional medical faction, was opposed and finally dismissed as “quackery”.

Our Energy Disc is a passive antenna that is used without power supply. The positive vibrations of the antenna are generated by Free Energy in the Golden Ratio and have a harmonising (balancing) effect on negative energies and negative vibrations. To put it simply, negative (ill-making) energies are converted or transformed into positive (healing) energies in the effective circle of the antenna.

Raumvital Energy Disc – Areas of application

  • Plant growth and regeneration
  • Water energisation
  • Placing the disc on “uncomfortable” or painful parts of the body.
  • EMF protection (Wifi routers, wireless phones, 5G etc.)
  • Sleeping place harmonization
  • Meditation or meditation aid
  • Balancing of negative external energies
  • Chakra balance, meridian balance
  • energetic acupuncture
  • longer work on the screen without premature fatigue (direct wear on the body necessary)

High quality

The high quality materials and the precise processing of the free energy antennas contribute decisively to the effectiveness of the Raumvital Energy Disc. We use only pure copper with a gold alloy on both sides of this cosmic antenna. The product is designed and manufactured in the EU.

Energy Disc – Variants

The Raumvital Golden Plated Energy Disc is offered in three different sizes:
Energy Disc 45mm / range approx. 3m in diameter
Energy Disc 100mm / range approx. 7m in diameter
Energy Disc 170mm / range approx. 12m in diameter

Note: The offered product is not a medical device,  it’s a wellness product. The usual science does not generally recognise this kind of energetic effect, only in quantum research there is now more knowledge about the mode of action.

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