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Natures Spring “Meine Quelle” IV Gravity Water Filtration System 20 L * second-rate quality *


New water filters which have been sorted out by the quality assurance. These devices may have damaged outer packaging, slight scratches in the plastic parts, or damaged ceramic prefilter. No exchange and a return is excluded.

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Meine Quelle IV Gravity Water Filtration System with tap – second rate quality

This special filter invention is very similar to the natural water filter system of Mother Nature. Water gently flows through the multiple filtration into the 12 litre tank at the bottom, without electricity or artificial pressure.

The spring water reservoir filters chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and other pollutants. Valuable filter materials made from natural substances enrich the water with precious minerals and trace elements. The result is an energetic, vibrant and soft water that you will love drinking.

Simply fill the top tank with tap water and draft the cleansed water from the bottom tank. This eliminates the lugging of water bottles.

All water-bearing parts are made of food safe plastic (BPA-free, free from plasticisers). It’s ideal for the home, or at work!

The concept of the filtration stages:

Ceramic prefilter: filters dirt, sand, particles and bacteria to 0.3 µm.
6-Step filter: binds pollutants and enriches the water with minerals.
Maifan mineral stones: give off more minerals in an ionised form.

The BOVIS scale of the drinking water is increased by a factor of 2-4 through the chakra stones. 19,500 BOVIS were measured (without only 6000 BOVIS).

Size: 32,5 x 32,5 x 59,5 cm (W x D x H).
Filter change every 6-8 months.

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Weight 3,8 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 33 cm

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