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Hydrogen Ions Solution, Acid-Base Concentrate, 1000 ml


Hydrogen Ions Solution Acid-Base Concentrate 1000ml glas bottle, health supplement. Intracellular acid- & base regulation by the Nobel Laureates Agree and McKinnon. PH: <12, the pH is maintained for 2 years, thanks to a sophisticated water – cluster technology. Intake: 1 months ingestion 1x 30 ml /day, then pause 1-2 months, then repeat.

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Intracellular acid- & base regulation by the Nobel Laureates Agree and McKinnon

“Bound only to hydrogen ions can pass through the hydrogen-channels the cell.”

  • PH: <12
  • per 30 ml = about 0.25 Meq
  • Ion based: Himalayan salt
  • as a food supplement

Acid and base – in the service of the body Space & Time Newsletter June 2012

“The acid-base balance is probably the most important balance system living organisms. During acidic hydrogen ions (H +) to kill unwanted microbes, provide basic hydroxide ions (OH) for a regenerating environment, the constituent microorganisms feeds. Acidic and basic solutions have active properties that make it a universal, affordable and efficient hygiene and health products. “

Cure treatment :
1 months ingestion , then pause 1-2 months, then repeat .
Enter the morning 1x 30 ml base concentrate in a filled with 125 ml glass of water and drink it immediately on an empty stomach . Thus, the high amount of OH – ions remains active.

The pH is maintained for 2 years, thanks to a sophisticated water – cluster technology .

Administration inside :

  • Balancing osmotic pressure
  • Regulation of intracellular asic -base balance floods
  • Resuscitation of cell metabolism
  • Promotes the proliferation of the enzyme Adenosintriphsphatase and thus increases the cell energy
  • Promotes the absorption of mineral ions
  • …..

Administration outside :

  • Wraps for spider veins and varicose veins
  • to improved healing of affected sites
  • In case of skin diseases in general ..

Reduces chronic acidification of the organism and releases energy reserves , as studies show :

With the PREFIX test method an athlete was measured before and during exercise. There was a chronic acidosis (62 %), as a sharp increase in acid waters during exercise, at a vital dynamics of 84%. With OH – ions, the acidity was significantly decreased , but the vital dynamics and increased power reserves .


Abb.: above – prior / below – after usage of the Hydroxide-Ions.

Basis for radionic and quantum medical applications

Also for radionic and quantum- medical application , the hydroxide ion solution is optimal , since the transfer of electrons , mostly on acidic H + ions takes place , what an ion fission ( = Information Recording) has the consequence . Each 0.00000000000013 seconds takes place , an ion cleavage , whereby an information density of 1.3 x 1014 bits / sec. results . This allows a completely new quality of information recording effect , not only in terms of the quantity of information , but also in terms of space distribution, which can spread over the entire body system due to the alternating running explosiv-/repulsiv- processes rapidly, whereby on the one constructive interference to the original wave takes place permeates the other hand also in the areas of echo waves , whereby the information can also act in the next higher micro -and macro – levels.

Since hydrogen is the basis of life heard photons are of course open to the spinning motion of the hydrogen electrons , which also brings new possibilities in the biophysical application with it . On a purely physical level, the hydroxide ion solution is an ideal way to clean his tissue.

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