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Heavy Metal Detoxification, 9-piece total package


The standard complete package according to Dr. Klinghardt for Heavy Metal Detoxification over 9 weeks.

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Heavy metal and amalgam elimination as per Dr. Klinghardt

Daily we are subjected to different environmental damage, whether through harmful substances in the air, chemical residues in heavily laden soil, treated food, fish, seafood, cosmetics and tooth fillings.  How can we deal with this burden and achieve a full performance and (w)holistic feeling of wellbeing once again?

The German doctor, Dr. Klinghardt, who practices medicine in the US, has, in scientific studies, developed concepts to effectively discharge these pollutants. His methods of removing heavy metals are based on Wild Garlic, Coriander and Chlorella. These three ingredients should accompany the application.

As per studies, Wild Garlic, Coriander and Chlorella help to transport the harmful substances out of the body. Essentially, Wild Garlic
expels lead, cadmium and mercury out of the connective tissue. Coriander works especially on the elimination of toxins in the brain, the bones, as well as the nervous system, Chlorella binds all the heavy metals and
environmental toxins together and transports them out of the body via the intestines.

The protocol lasts for 9 weeks and an accurate direction of the dosage accompanies the product.

Heavy Metal Detoxification in organic quality, 9 part package:

  • 4x 50 ml organic Wild Garlic Tincture
  • 2x 50 ml organic Coriander Tincture
  • 900 g organic Chlorella
  • detailed directions

Important note:
This protocol is not suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers or small children.
The application of this liver supplement does not replace a health practitioner or doctor.
By serious discomfort or disease, please contact your health practitioner or doctor.

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