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Bucher Color Sequencer App for VISION-COLOUR


Bucher Color Sequencer enables select multible colors.Choose 12 defined colors or the Dinshah color library. Additionally, you can select all possible colors over their nanometer value. The colors can displayed by the VISION-COLOUR therapy lamps.

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Vision Colour professional APP

Bucher Color Sequencer App for Windows Operating Systems

  • Allows to select defined colors for adoption in the playlist.
  • In addition, single colors could registered on their nanometer value and stored in the playlist.
  • The color sequence can be allocated to the playlist, too.
  • Additional, the time sequence per color could be added to the playlist.
  • These individually playlists could be stored by indivdual names like “Migraine dissolve” etc.
  • The output of the playlist would be send direct to Vision-Colour lamp.

Advanced Features of the Color Sequencer application

  • Each playlist can be added with affirmation or radionics formulation entered by text. This text will me modulated into the color sequence on the Vision-Colour light.
  • In the client management module, all playlists are stored. This protocol function can always be accessed again to repeat stored playlists at any time.
  • Even in the private use of the client’s management, it can be used very well for all family members.

Installation & Training included in product price

  • The installation on your Windows computer will be done remotely by technican of the Bucher GmbH
  • Personal briefing session “How to use Color Sequencer” will be included, too


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