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Biotraxx Sango Mineral Powder 2:1 Calcium and Magnesium, 100g


Sango calcium also contains 70 trace minerals in an ideal balance for your body.

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Sango Coral powder from Okinawa

Okinawa is a Japanese island in the Chinese Sea, and lies approximately 1500 km Southwest of Tokyo. It has a notably large amount of centenarians. The island is composed of petrified sea coral and its drinking water which is rich in minerals, seems to be the secret of this longevity

Our Sango Coral powder contains plenty of calcium and magnesium in a particular ratio of 2:1. The excellent bioavailability is achieved through the ionised formation, so that minerals and trace elements are easily absorbed through the cell walls.

Top, unadulterated Biotraxx quality
• creates a harmonious acid – alkaline balance
• over 70 colloidal minerals in an ionised form
• contains 23.7% calcium and 11.3% magnesium (in the ratio of 2:1)

The prefecture (district administry) of Okinawa has strict guidelines in place for the protection of the coral reefs. Only fossil sediment deposits deeper than 60 meters are collected and also from places where no more living corals grow.

Recommended dosage: 1-3 g daily before a meal. The powder can be stirred into completed meals or drinks or can be taken as it is.

No added preservatives, thickeners or release agents.

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