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Biotraxx Organic Agaricus blazei Murrill (ABM) Medicinal Mushroom 500mg, 90 capsules

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Almond Mushroom, Sun Agaric, Mushroom of Life

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Biotraxx Organic Agaricus blazei contains precious ingredients


Agaricus blazei is a relatively new addition to the family of medicinal mushrooms with research beginning in the 1980’s. This species contains a unique beta 1-6 linkage and has an extensive history of use as a folk remedy in the areas of Brazil where it was originally discovered. Research has also shown that Agaricus blazei contains more beta glucans than any of the other medicinal mushrooms tested so far.

Agaricus strongest ingredients are: Alpha-glucans, beta-glucans, argosterol derivatives. In addition polysaccrides, proteoglycans, linoleic acid and oleic acid.

The Agaricus mushroom possesses miraculous curative benefits to a wide range of disorders including immune system booster, cardiovascular system, digestion, weight management, diabetes, chronic and acute allergies, cataracts, hearing difficulties, stress syndrome, chronic fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, and disorders of the liver. The Agaricus mushroom contains aromatase inhibitors, which are associated with the decline in the growth rate of tumors, breast cancer in particular and can mitigate the effect of the proliferation of these disease cells. Several studies have documented this mushroom’s ability as a very powerful activator for various components of the human immune system.

Recommended Use:

Adult: Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily.
After 3 months, stop taking for 1 month, continue thereafter.

Vegetarien cellulose capsules includes 500 mg mushroom powder
One can contains 90 capsules (about 1 month’s supply)

Disclaimer: The information provided here is meant to serve as an educational resource for determining your options and making your own informed choices.
It is not intended as medical advice or to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any specific illness.

Ask your pharmacist for advice and support

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