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Biotraxx DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide organic solvent 99.9%, 100 ml


Violett-GLASS-Bottle incl. pipette. Pharmaceutical purity, energized in addition.

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DMSO 99.9% organic solvent Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Pharmaceutically pure, additionally energised

We offer DMSO 99.9% in the highest pharmaceutical purity with a 99.9% proportion and is therefore above requirement of the quality criteria of the European pharmacopeia. A higher purity of 100% is only theoretically possible, because DMSO has hygroscopic properties, meaning it immediately binds with water from the surrounding air.

Our DMSO 99.9% is poured into special light protecting bottles. This increases the shelf life and the best quality for many years. Additionally, the liquid is energised to structure its positive tonal colours and vital force.

Because of its very high purity grade, our DMSO 99.9% can be used in all areas. It can even be used in scientific processes and complies with the quality standards that are of equal requirements of pharmaceutical products.

DMSO occurs during wood pulp production and is produced from the raw materials of tree bark and wood fibre. This fantastic natural substance has a broad range of harmoniously acting properties. According to Dr. Hartmut Fischer, over 40,000 professional articles have been written in which the diverse applications have been described. It belongs to the group of organic solvents that have both water and fat soluble properties. This is why it can be used as a transmitter to dissolve and disintegrate other active ingredients and to then transport these through the cellular tissue.

DMSO freezes under +19 °C and then appears crystalline.

When this occurs, do not open the bottle with the pipette, instead place the bottle into warm water until it is liquid once again.
The freezing and thawing has no adverse effect on the quality and can be repeated countless times. Ideally, DMSO 99.9% should be stored at room temperature of +20 °C.

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