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Biotraxx COLON ACTIVITY & VITALITY, 500 g jar – incl. Psyllium Seed Husks


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Intestinal Cleansing with Psyllium seed husks, OPC Grape Seeds, whole-grain Rice powder, Aniseed and Fennel powder

Helps stomach, digestive and bowel problems, flatulence, bloating or acidity and is ideal for getting started with a balanced, basal colon cleanse. COLON ACTIVITY & VITALITY is a completely natural product leading to a desirable colon evacuation without taking a laxative. It supports the colon flora, activates peristalsis, ensuring a mild cleanse of the bowel. The combination of the ingredients is also suitable for sensitive users. Rich in natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, trace elements and lots of swelling agents and roughage which leads to a satisfactory bowel evacuation.

Ingredients: Psyllium seed husks, ground almond, finely ground OPC grape seeds, 100% natural whole-grain rice powder (rich in organic minerals and trace elements), Aniseed powder and Fennel powder.

Recommended dosage and usage: for a pulpy stool, constipation or IBS we recommend taking COLON ACTIVITY & VITALITY with plenty of water at mealtimes. The stool will be better formed and the evacuation of the bowel will be thoroughly improved. To train the bowel to normal activity, taking this product is highly recommended, especially after any illness or after consuming antibiotics.
1 tablespoon of the powdermix, once or twice daily in ¼ litre of still water, stir well or shake well in a shaker. Drink immediately before the swelling process of the powder begins. Drink plenty of water afterwards, to encourage the swelling process.

One 500 g jar is enough for 3-4 weeks, for a protocol, 2 jars are required. It is helpful to do a daily brush massage to stimulate the lymphatic system.
We recommend this protocol is carried out twice yearly.

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