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Biotraxx 8 AMINO ACIDS – 8 essential amino acids ( MAP ), 120 pcs. 1000mg tabs

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8 AMINO acids, with all 8 essential amino acids

Protein nourishment and supplements with the 8 essential amino acids that are required for the structure of muscles and cell tissue. Athletes, older people, vegans, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients after an operation benefit most from 8 AMINO acids. Also good for strengthening the body, tissue, muscles, regulating weight and detoxing.

8 AMINO acids is a superb, pure food in albuminous nutrition. The 8 vital amino acids in this product are totally adjusted to the need of the protein building block of the human body. Every organism has its own, specific amino acid pattern which experts call the Master Amino Pattern (MAP).

The weighing of the 8 amino acids that are used in our 8 AMINO acids, correspond exactly to the human pattern. All must be included in food, that is why they are called essentials, in other words, vital amino acids.

One tab of 1000 mg contains 8 essential amino acids in relationship to:

L-Leucin19,80 %198,0 mg
L-Valin16,55 %165,5 mg
L-Isoleucin14,90 %149,0 mg
L-Lysin HCl14,20 %142,0 mg
L-Phenylalanin12,80 %128,0 mg
L-Threonin11,00 %110,0 mg
L-Methionin7,10 %71,0 mg
L-Tryptophan3,65 %36,5 mg

Recommended dosage: 5 tabs, 1-3x daily with plenty of water. Ideally, the last intake should be in the evening. During sports activity, take 3-5 tabs 30 minutes before begin. Competitive sports people should take 10 tabs, 3x daily.

Suitable for vegetarians. 8 AMINO acids can be taken long term.

No added preservatives, thickeners or release agents.

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