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Aquawhirler Piccolo AW-112 tap water whirler

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Enlivened quality water from your tap

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Aquawhirler Piccolo AW-112

High Quality:
The AW Piccolo is completely made up of high-quality V4A stainless steel, which complies with the highest German drinking water standards. When used with low PH level water (e.g. reverse osmosis water), there is no corrosion.

Energize, Revitalize, and Restructure Water:
A small chamber filled with gemstones has been fitted to the outlet just beyond the swirl. The filler material comprises rock crystals, rose quartz and amethyst. Other EM ceramics or other energizing materials can be added to the chamber. The AW Piccolo can be ordered without any filler substances and can be filled by the customer as desired.

The AW Piccolo can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The energizing material and sealing rings must be removed first.

Advantages of using water whirler:

  • Your tap water will taste more soft and fresh, like a natural spring
  • The porosity of your tap water will increase, and nutrients and biological-information can be better assimilated
  • The amount of oxygen in your tap water will increase
  • The amount of carbon-dioxide in the water decreases, and making it more agreeable
  • Prepared meals and drinks taste better and more natural
  • You save water, as the water surface area is increased by the vortex
  • The whirled water has a positive influence on the metabolism of plants and flowers
  • By using in a shower, the water vortex stimulates, and you feel great
  • With the optional available gemstone blend you can make your own gemstone water
  • Fully adjustable water flow rate
  • Natural water vortex is one important nature element to energize the water. Whirling ist one important process which you can find in the universe, too. Drinking water today is in a very poor quality, because the natural way of whirling is missing. The pressure in water pipes is limiting the natural flow of the water, in addition the water is effected by various kind of ecological damage. Drinking tap water today can not recover itself without help.

    Prime Inventions water whirler are simulating the natural whirling of the water like rivers and water falls by using the water line pressure. With the specially developed whirling chamber the water will be whirled like going a long way through a river. The taste of the whirling water is a lot better as regular tap water. Whirled water is more soft and you can taste the high energy.

    Prime Inventions water whirler Picollo, EggyWhirler and Aquawhirler are made with a step less adjustment for the water flow. You can adjust the whirler to your individual water line pressure in order to have the most efficient water whirling.

    Technical data:
    weight: approx. 58g
    material: V4A CNC stainless steel
    Dimensions: 33.5 mm (without adapter) x 27 mm (widest part)

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