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  • The SAFER CALL information field reduces the stress levels of the organism to improve the order of the radio signals by using mobile phones. The SAFER CALL label is glued directly to the phone or cordless phone (eg in the battery cover).

  • SAFER COMP protects you especially with the use of WLAN networks, because the 10-Hertz pulse frequency radios in the middle of the field of biological brain processes. Energized aluminum sticker for use on wireless routers, baby monitors, garage door radio systems, wireless speakers, laptops, Ipads and Iphone. Contents: 3 stickers for 3 units

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    The disruptive effect on the organism fields are placed on the modules in a high order. The negative effect on biological systems is neutralized by this Set. Measurable is the new quality of living spaces by the variability of the heart rhythm (HRV), the balance between breathing and heartbeat is improved. Many users feel that physically. By reducing stress at the same time increases the adaptability of the organism to changing loads and the life energy increases. Neutralizes coupling from the HARP radiation in the living environment!