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Our Mission

About us

The Biotraxx brand has been known for many years as a provider of high quality products that increase your health and vitality. We originally started as suppliers of Robert Gray intestinal cleansing; since that time, our product range has been growing steadily.

Our focus on cleansing and detox is continuously improving: Biotraxx cure packages offer you a sustainable increase of your vitality in 6 steps, from restoring acid-base balance to heavy metal drainage.

In recent years, our product sales have mainly been handled by resellers. This is changing substantially in 2018: we are now fully committed to directly serving end users!

Our Mission

100% Natural

We are also committed to putting our high quality standards into practice: our ‘100% Natural’ quality seal stands for selected natural ingredients strict avoidance of release agents.
OUR services

Production by German quality standards

Based on many years of production experience, a qualified workforce, up-to-date certified production processes as well as IPC (in-process control), our contract manufacturers ensure that every single product is manufactured according to European quality standards.

During the development phase of our products, we work with independent and state-certified nutritional chemists.

We adhere to the following certification standards: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012, Bio/Öko, IFS Global Markets Food.

OUR services

Shipping worldwide

Our main focus is the development and distribution of high-quality products to improve long-term quality of life for our customers, leaving logistics to the leading professionals. Therefore Get Fulfilment based in Bergschenhoek in the Netherlands is our fulfillment partner specializing in the reliable and timely handling of your orders.

Over 60 employees ensure that our dispatch orders are processed on the same day until 11 p.m. and arrive at your doorstep well packed and in time. Especially for Netherlands we provide fastest shipment with partly same day delivery.

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